About Us

 I am K T Jadhao, the Founder of stockjio.com. I am a post-graduate in engineering. We started this blog last year out of hobby and our interest in finance. This was the time I started reading and researching more and more about stock market, personal finance and investment space.

I have a special liking for equity linked investments. I realized early that investment does not mean just ‘buying and selling shares’. Investment it’s a process of creating wealth to achieve long term goals.

I am spending lot of time researching and refining my investing skills. I have a goal of achieving financial freedom in next 10 years. You can also become financially free, when your passive income is equivalent to your lifestyle. If you can create active income, you can always create passive income. Only need right mindset.

To be first choice of investors and traders for investment information. And to uphold the StockJio standard as a respected symbol of quality. In fulfilling this purpose, we will create value for all the stakeholders.


In case you find any errors or issues in this blog, please mail me immediately at [email protected] so that I can correct it immediately.


Thanks for your support.

K T Jadhao