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By | March 4, 2018

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Blue chip stocks are those which have consistently growing stocks along with stable returns. These blue chip stocks would create wealth over a period of time. They would be a little slow, however, provide consistent returns to investors.  Strong fundamental and increasing growth rate is main reasons for the positive performance of these stocks. These stocks are even expected to give a better return in future. You can make an investment in this stock from a long-term perspective.

Stock investors considers EPS growth rate as the most reliable indicator of growth. Why EPS is important? EPS is easy to understand. It is also the most important financial parameter of company.

P/E ratio

A reliable stock always maintains its P/E ratio. Ratio between market price and EPS is

                                                        P/E ratio  = Price / EPS

A portion of companies profit (PAT or EPS) is distributed a.s dividends to shareholders. The balance profit which remains with the company is called Reserves.

Companies reserves are declared in companies balance sheets. Investors like a continuously increasing Reserves. Growing reserves makes companies more self dependent and trustable.

Since you are looking for growth stocks, just click on it. It would scan all stocks in Indian Markets and filters out only the fastest growing companies based on certain criteria. We analyse these companies to find out why their stocks have been so buoyant and that too for such a long period.

I usually identify these types of stocks as ‘Consistent Growth Stocks’. If you are also planning to invest in growth stocks one should always consider the quality of the management and the macro financials of the company.

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  1.  Pidilite Industries Ltd
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  4. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
  5. V-Guard Industries Ltd
  6. Voltas Ltd
  7. Indraprastha Gas Ltd
  8. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
  9. NOCIL Ltd
  10. GAIL (India) Ltd


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