Stock market investing for beginners can be a difficult task. Where to start? What stocks to buy? What is correct holding period? How much to invest? There are many questions to be asked and answered. If u want answer of all the above questions must read Ebooks given in the following link.

Would you like to start making money in the stock market? I can suggest you the first thing you need to do before opening a brokerage account is to educate yourself.

Your confidence levels about stock investing will only increase when you invest yourself. Build courage to hold good stocks even if they go down from price levels you buy. This is a very crucial aspect to investing. This is one reason why you should always start investing with very minimal amount that you can afford.

To make successful investments in various companies. Investors must have following qualities

 Knowledge : Knowledge to find out quality stocks. To acquire this knowledge one has to read, read and read there is no shortcut. If one doesn’t have reading habit he can’t be a successful investor.

 Courage: Equities are risky assets where you can lose your whole capital. There is always the fear of loosing money. This fear prevents people from investing in the market and when they invest they invest in small amount. you should invest a meaningful amount in it.

 Patience: Patience is a very important quality a investor must have. Stocks can take years to perform. You should not lose patience when the stock remains silent for years.

I give you some good links about fundamental analysis, Here are the links of top Ebooks for the stock market. These books are available in public domain so you can download these books here.

Ebooks download here

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